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Combustion & Heat Transfer Improvement

Ceramic coating for boiler tube (anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-erosion)
Online furnace cleaning (increase throughput and run length)
Patented soot blowing system & spare parts

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating
CERAMIC COATING OF BOILER/FURNACE TUBE & WALL Increasing heat transfer in oil refinery furnace by keeping tube surface free from fouling and insulative oxide layer through the advanced thin ceramic film application. ..

On-line Furnace Cleaning

On-line Furnace Cleaning
Polarchem is a proven chemical treatment for furnaces and boilers that suffer from soot /carbon fouling. Cleaning is done with chemical injection while furnace is operating. Applicable to all hydrocarbon fuels. Polarchem delivers clean tube surface (fireside) and improves heat transfer of the fu..

Featured Projects

Viptel Protects Vulnerable Tubes in Coal-fired Boiler

Our Combustion & Heat Transfer Improvement team completes a tube coating project for an indepedent power plant client using a ceramic-based product. Slows down formation of slag to maintain heat transfer efficiency and protects the tube from costly coal dust-induced erosion. Preventive maintenance that adds value!

Viptel Introduces a Fail-Safe, Last-for-Life Way to Drain Condensate

Our Projects team assists several petrochemical clients to replace traditional steam traps with Steamloc - a Dutch technology that is using the venturi principle. No moving parts, no failure and lasts for the plant's life. Each trap is customized for individual location. Save energy and less headache from failing traps.

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