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Steam Trap

Traditional steam traps are a kind of valve designed to remove condensate from steam consumers.Their relatively cheap puechases is widely compensated by their frequent check-ups, unpredictable energy losses and intensive maintenance. As easily overlooked they can force you to comsume more energy, even unnoticed. They set the ball rolling fir ever returning costs (TCO), year by year again. ' Steamloc is a better concept Since 1984, We re-engineered venturi technology for highly effective liquid/gas separation in general. Our Steamloc 'Active element is a well designed venturi construction founded on simple principles without any moving part.It assures excellent, complete and lifetime condensate removal. Success is proved for 25 years with focus on heavy process application. Our clients drive is found in several aspects : maintenace free, which saves a lot at daily plant operation, energy savings, which partly depends on current condition of course, and principally the extreme reliability which is absolutely unique. Pay-back periods vary from few months to a year, depending the application. Sometimes limited new project budgets force to old technolgy, still there's money for unnecessary spares too. Pity since a later convert spends the money twice and generates a lot of frustration while operating the plant.

Featured Projects

Viptel Protects Vulnerable Tubes in Coal-fired Boiler

Our Combustion & Heat Transfer Improvement team completes a tube coating project for an indepedent power plant client using a ceramic-based product. Slows down formation of slag to maintain heat transfer efficiency and protects the tube from costly coal dust-induced erosion. Preventive maintenance that adds value!

Viptel Introduces a Fail-Safe, Last-for-Life Way to Drain Condensate

Our Projects team assists several petrochemical clients to replace traditional steam traps with Steamloc - a Dutch technology that is using the venturi principle. No moving parts, no failure and lasts for the plant's life. Each trap is customized for individual location. Save energy and less headache from failing traps.

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