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Company name: Viptel Co., Ltd. (parent)  | Viptel Industrial Services Pte. Ltd. (associate)

Headoffice address: 20 Mu 1 Sukhumvit Road, Bangmuangmai, Muang, Samut Prakan 10270, Thailand.

Operating locations: 1.Bangkok, Thailand  2.Rayong, Thailand  3.Pioneer Point, Singapore

Telephone numbers: (66) 02-7578532, 33

Facsimile numbers: (66) 02-7578536, 30

Website: www.viptel.asia

Year of incorporation: 1983

Registered capital: THB 35,000,000 (fully paid up)

Account closing date: 31 December

Auditor: Dr Chainarin Ninsuwan (Ninsuwan Co., Ltd.)

Company Directors: Dr Viphandh Roengpithya, Ms Bhilaichit Roengpithya, Dr Katiya Greigarn, Mr Punsa Roengpithya

Accreditations: bizSAFE level 3 (Viptel Industrial Services)

Featured Projects

Viptel Protects Vulnerable Tubes in Coal-fired Boiler

Our Combustion & Heat Transfer Improvement team completes a tube coating project for an indepedent power plant client using a ceramic-based product. Slows down formation of slag to maintain heat transfer efficiency and protects the tube from costly coal dust-induced erosion. Preventive maintenance that adds value!

Viptel Introduces a Fail-Safe, Last-for-Life Way to Drain Condensate

Our Projects team assists several petrochemical clients to replace traditional steam traps with Steamloc - a Dutch technology that is using the venturi principle. No moving parts, no failure and lasts for the plant's life. Each trap is customized for individual location. Save energy and less headache from failing traps.

Recent News

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