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Core Values

The Viptel people have the following basic beliefs:

Think and act like an owner. Behave as if one is a part-owner of the organization or of the project. Exercise common sense and pragmatism. Take the long-term view.

Service excellence and solution-driven offering. Thoroughly understand client’s needs and strive to meet those needs in full. Be a one-stop shop where possible. Be mindful that one is serving a human being and the majority of the work is communication and emotional connection.

Be proactive about learning and continual development. Growing never ever stops. Always welcome new things and view those as an opportunity for growth.

Sufficiency. Live within one's own means. Do not become a burden to yourself or to ther others. Strive to be an asset to those around you.

Featured Projects

Viptel Protects Vulnerable Tubes in Coal-fired Boiler

Our Combustion & Heat Transfer Improvement team completes a tube coating project for an indepedent power plant client using a ceramic-based product. Slows down formation of slag to maintain heat transfer efficiency and protects the tube from costly coal dust-induced erosion. Preventive maintenance that adds value!

Viptel Introduces a Fail-Safe, Last-for-Life Way to Drain Condensate

Our Projects team assists several petrochemical clients to replace traditional steam traps with Steamloc - a Dutch technology that is using the venturi principle. No moving parts, no failure and lasts for the plant's life. Each trap is customized for individual location. Save energy and less headache from failing traps.

Recent News

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